Youtubers You Should Watch


Recently I’ve been on the lookout for more beauty/fashion related YouTube channels. I went on a hunt and these are the youtubers I found:
Kelsey Simone
 Kelsey is probably my favourite youtuber right now! She’s absolutely adorable and unique from other beauty gurus. She focuses mainly on skincare, lifestyle, and fashion. My favourite videos are her skincare/bodycare videos and can we just talk about her style for a second?! Kelsey is definitely one of my style inspirations!

Kalyn Nicholson
Kalyn is a very cozy youtuber to watch if that makes any sense. I feel like her overall vibe is very positive and comfortable which makes her the perfect fall/winter watch. I think she is so inspiring as she talks about self care and “adulting”. If you’re going to watch Kalyn, I suggest cozying up in bed with a hot drink while doing so. She just gives that vibe. 

Olivia Vargus
Okay first of all, she looks like an angel. I don’t know if that’s creepy, but I had to get it out there. Olivia has a contagiously happy attitude and just makes me feel more positive. She is also very truthful and you can tell she speaks from her heart. 

Aileen is a very calming youtuber. She does videos on lifestyle. Unlike other lifestyle youtubers, Aileen talks about things like meditation, creativity, and building confidence which I think is so important. Lavendaire is definitely a great watch if you are looking to get inspired!

Sian Lilly
Sian is a model who makes lifestyle/fashion videos. I feel like she’s you’re typical lifestyle youtuber, but her lifestyle isn’t exactly typical. She shares her life as a model and what her life is like which I find interesting. A great watch for the aspiring model. 

Well, those are the youtubers I’ve been watching lately! Go check them out and comment below your favourite youtubers. Thank you for reading. 

Sarah. Xx