Planning your Goals: How to Achieve Them


Having goals is super important to keep yourself happy and motivated in life. Setting goals can be as easy as writing them down on paper and sticking them on your wall, but will that really help you achieve them? For some, yes, but if you’re like me you need something a little more complex. First figure out your main goal. Mine right now is moving to my new house. What are the steps or smaller goals to reach what you want?

A great tool to use if you’re willing to pay is the goal planner from Michaels. They have a variety of different planners (wedding, bucket list, inspiration, etc) and I think this one is amazing for setting and achieving your goals. Let me give you a look into mine. 

Open up to the first page and you’ll see this inspirational quote. I really like this page, I find the design so lovely. 

The next page (I don’t show it because mine is all scribbled up!) is where you write down your top 10 goals. 

The next page will look like this.

This is where you chose one of your goals from (or not, you decide) the top 10 goals. Write down your steps in the boxes, I’ll show you my example. 

The next page is for monthly goal planning. 

Write your goals, the deadline for these goals, and fill in the circle when you have completed the goal or task. 

The next page is the same, but weekly. 

The next 5 pages will be the same. 

I find this Goal Planner extremely helpful as it gives you a visual depiction of your goals and a schedule to follow. I would definitely recommend getting this if you have trouble keeping your life ,and just general goals, in order. 

Well that’s it! I hope this post has helped anyone who needed it and as always, thank you for reading. 

Sarah. Xx


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  1. That planner looks amazing! I love the page that says someday isn’t a day of the week!

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