October Favourites


Hello my lovelies! Im back with an October favourites post. October was a pretty laid-back month for me. I watched lots of movies and drank lots (and lots) of coffee. I didn’t do much other than that. It was pretty great. As much as I love fall, this October didn’t feel like fall. With the warmer weather it felt more like spring which was disappointing, but the beautiful autumn colours made up for it.
My first favourite is a bath bomb from lush. The classic ‘pumpkin’ bath bomb. In my ‘cozy autumn night in’ post I show what it looks like, but because I love it so much I’m just gonna leave it here…The citrusy smell lured me in with the beautiful orange hue it gave to my bath water. Light a pumpkin spice candle and if you’re feeling a little fancy, put some citrine crystals on the side of your tub. And there you have it! A bath fit for any Halloween queen.

My second favourite is also a bath product. The ‘bewitched’ bubble bar from lush. This was such a cool addition to my bath. The dark gloomy waters, topped with some bubbles really made me feel spooked. The berry scent was light and smelled amazing along side my apple pie candle. 

Another favourite from October is my black booties. I got these at urban planet and have been wearing them everywhere. I love the gold detailing. To me, gold and black look so perfect together, especially for fall. 

An eatable favourite of mine this month was the autumn spice latte from Tim Hortons. If you’re Canadian, you know how amazing tims is! They never disappoint.

My last favourite is Harry Style’s album. I had listened to it when it first came out, but stopped after Halsey dropped Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. This fall I have been loving every song on the album simply entitled Harry Styles.

Those are all my favourites! I didn’t have many this fall, as I have been saving up my money for something that will be in a future post…

To give you a hint, her name is Pheobe!

Thank you for reading!

Sarah. Xx