Mini Stationary Haul


Yesterday, while out with my boyfriend, I stumbled across the store Home Sense (or Winners). Unfortunately for my boyfriend I couldn’t resist not going in. The store was filled with adorable back to school supplies and I couldn’t help myself. I had to get something…or maybe three things…I have needed an agenda for my planner for a while now so I picked this one up (9.99$)

I chose it because the colour scheme goes perfectly with my planner

I also bought this pack of three pens that were just too cute not to get.

They all write with black ink which made me happy and after testing them out, I’m glad to say that they work great!

I didn’t buy this, but I just had to show it in this haul. How to be a Unicorn because Adulting is Hard. How cool is that!

Anyways back to the haul. 

The last thing I bought was not from Home Sense, but the Dollar Store. (3.00$)

I love the blush pink with copper writing. I think it looks beyond the 3.00$ I paid for it. 

Well, that’s it! I told you it was a mini haul. For once I went into a store without throwing money in the cashiers face! Be proud, alright? Thank you for reading,

Sarah. Xx

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