Lush Jelly Face Mask Review


I mentioned in my Lush Haul that I picked up a few skincare products from lush. You can read my angels on Bare Skin review here.I wanted to get the oatfix face mask, but they ran out so the nice lady recommended the Bunny Moon Jelly Face Mask. She said it would also help smoothen dry sensitive skin. I was hesitant at first as I’ve never seen any face mask come in ‘jelly’ form, but I thought I’d try it anyways.

Here’s my experience:

I did my skincare routine (an updated version will be on my blog soon!) and then put on the mask. You have to take a blob of it a rub it between your hand until it become a cream-like consistency. I know that doesn’t sound appealing, but trust me, it’s a lot more satisfying in person. I then rubbed it all over my face. I had no expectation on what was going to happen. Surprisingly it dried like any other mask! I then rinsed it off and completed my skincare routine. 

My thoughts:

I know this sounds like I’m sponsored by Lush (I’m not I promise!) I absolutely love it. I’ve been using the mask every couple of days for two weeks now and my face has had amazing results! My face is smoother than ever and the breakout on my chin is completely gone. This is probably the best most productive mask I’ve ever used. When you put it on your face, it feels like a thick moisturizer and I can’t even begin to describe the smell. It smells like vanilla and honey! Probably because the main ingredient is honey, which is what makes it so moisturizing. It also has rose, vanilla, and chamomile in it which is very soothing to the skin. 

Overall, I’m in love with this life changing mask. I would recommend Bunny Moon to anyone who needs more moisture and baby soft skin! 

Thank you for reading. 

Sarah. Xx