Lush Full of Grace Facial Serum


I’m back at it again with the lush reviews! This one is on the Full of Grace Facial Serum. So without further ado, let’s get into it. 

I was recommended this because of my request for smoother skin. I was doubtful at first because of the greasy texture it left on my skin, but after a month of using it I have definitely seen results. 

Use: this Serum looks kind of like a bar of soap and works similarly. You rub the bar between your hands and let your body heat melt the oils into your hands. Then massage the product into your skin. 

My Thoughts: as I said before, I was doubtful. I had never seen anything like it, but I was surprisingly satisfied with the outcome. It feels a bit greasy at first, but it’s a very light feeling. After a few minutes it should sink into your skin. 

Results: I’ve used this solid Serum for a month as a Serum and moisturizer and my dry skin is as smooth as ever. Even with the cold on its way, my skin isn’t as dry and patchy as it usually is at this time of year. I think with the combination of the rest of my skincare routine (post up Sunday!) my skin has been revived! A little dramatic, but I have to be. My skin feels amazing. Another great product from lush. Will they ever fail me? 

Thank you for reading. 

Sarah. Xx



4 Replies to “Lush Full of Grace Facial Serum”

  1. I haven’t been into Lush for the longest time! It looks quite small, does a little go a long way? 🙂

    1. In this picture I’ve had it for a month so yes, a little does go a long way!

  2. Will definitely look into it, it sounds as though it’s working for you! I’ve currently been looking for new skincare items, so adding this onto my list of things to try!

    1. It’s definitely worth trying out. Xx

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