Life With Anxiety


Anxiety is so much bigger than people realize. I think the most common thing I’ve been told with my anxiety disorder is that:A. “I’m doing it for attention.” Or

B. “Just get over it.”

Let’s discuss A First. It’s called an ANXIETY disorder for a reason. If I was doing it for attention then it wouldn’t be ANXIETY. Jeez people, it’s not that hard to get!

And B. Why don’t you tell someone with asthma to “just breathe”, yeah it doesn’t work does it?

Anxiety is as real as any physical disorders or sicknesses and I think there needs to be more awareness to this. What I’ve realized is that anxiety, when portrayed in movies, books, and tv shows, is often showed as being this beautiful disaster that someone goes through to be “fixed” by someone. Crying in bathrooms, not opening up to people, being ‘shy’. Well although that is true they never show the ugly side of this disorder. 

You may throw up constantly due to panic attacks. People get constipated or have diarrhea at times. Due to the depression it gives people, sometimes a person won’t shower for days or weeks! It’s not hopelessly romantic as entertainment portrays. It’s real, it’s gross, and it could be crippling. 

I am writing this post to show people to stop romanticizing disorders. It’s not something people could just get over. It takes time, therapy, sometimes medication, and a bit of sympathy for what these people are going through. I also want entertainment industries to stop portraying it in unrealistic manners. 

Anxiety isn’t about finding someone to fix you. You fix yourself by understanding that none of this is your fault and by moving forward even though it’s hard. 

Thank you for reading and hopefully understanding,

Sarah. Xx

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  1. Thank you for the candid dose of reality. It sucks big time. Stay strong, or at lease, stay showered 🙂

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