Just to Clarify Face Mask Review


In my Autumn Cozy Night In blogpost I used my Just to Clarify face mask. As promised, here’s my review. As you can see in my previous Jelly Face Mask Review, I actually really liked how the formula worked. To recap, it’s a Jelly-like consistency (obviously), but dries after a few minutes. 

My experience:

Even though it’s a Jelly formula, it has little beads in it to help exfoliate. The smell is very citrusy and quite frankly, goes perfect with my whole “autumn theme”. The mask has papaya, grapefruit, and orange juices to give your skin a ‘glow from within’ look. After 10 minutes, I wash off the product and continue with my Skincare Routine

My thoughts: 

I’ve only used this mask for three weeks and I like it a lot. It makes your skin feel super clean because of the exfoliation. Personally, I like the Bunny Moon Face Mask better because of the overall smoothening it does on my dry skin, but this one is great too. If you feel the need to clean out your pores and scrape off that layer of dead skin, then this mask would be perfect for you. 

Those are my thoughts on the Just to Clarify Jelly Mask! Let me know in the comments what your favourite Lush mask is! Thank you for reading. 

Sarah. Xx