How to Take Good Notes


If you’re like me, you write slowly and have to scribble down everything the teacher is saying. By the end of class your notes look like a jumbled mess. I’ve been there, heck, I’m still there! Here is how I take good efficient notes:

When your teacher is talking, write down all the things you need to know in a ‘rough draft’ notebook. If you take time to write neatly you might miss something. 

Later on make time to re-write your notes in a more organized matter. Write these notes in a different notebook that’s dedicated to re-writing your notes, this way they don’t get mixed up. 

Use different coloured pens and sharpies to highlight certain topics. Let’s say you’re studying English. You can write what an adjective is in blue, what a verb is in pink, and so on. This way you’ll always find what your looking for based on its colour. 

Don’t highlight too much. You don’t want your notes to look like a rainbow threw up on them because it will be too overwhelming. I personally stick to at most 3 colours (besides my text colour) to highlight things. 

Those are my tips! I hope this may have helped you and as always, thank you for reading. 

Sarah. Xx

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  1. Great tips. Very helpful for those jetting back off to school or uni soon. I like to make short hand notes and then rewrite later ☺️

    1. Thank you! Yeah I find it the most efficient. Xx

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