How To Make Your Home Radiate With Positivity!  


I think the most important thing in a home is the vibe you set for it. Energy is an amazing thing and says a lot about how you could or could not live your life. Positivity is something everyone needs. It’s what makes us happy, motivated, and excited for what lies ahead. Here are some ways to transfer your home into one that radiates positivity!

Sage your house. Cultures throughout history have been known for burning white sage to clear negativity and ‘cleanse’. This basically means that the the sage literally cleanses by changing the ionic composition of the air, which can help reduce stress and anxiety.

Burn incense or candles that make you feel happy. The power of scent is absolutely unbelievable. Scent is the most memorable of the senses, meaning that certain smells correspond with different things in your life. I’ll give you an example. My mother always sprayed lilac perfume on my teddy bears if I was going away. That way I would always have a piece of her with me. Now the smell of lilacs bring me comfort. Find a smell that brings you a positive emotion and use it to your advantage. Popular scents that bring serenity to a place are lavender, vanilla, rose, jasmine, and mint.

Moving on from scent, we’re going to talk about sight. Sight is probably the most common sense because we use it from the time we wake up all the way until we sleep. What looks pleasing to you? What colours, shapes, and patterns make you feel safe? I love pink, roses, and lots of textures (like blankets and pillows) because that makes me feel cozy. As weird as it sounds, you should take this into consideration.

Speaking of sight, symbols are another great thing to have in your space. There are so many symbols that represent great things and can feel comforting to have. Elephants with their trunk turned upwards are a great example. This common symbol is a sign of luck.

Crystals. That’s right, crystals aren’t just pretty rocks. They have amazing properties and are able to act as a filter to dispense positive energy. This article can easily get you started.

Those are my tips to having a space that radiates positive energy. If you’re not convinced yet, I would definitely recommend doing some research on it. It’s amazing how big a role our senses play into our emotional state.

Thank you for reading,

Sarah. Xx