About Me


Hello, I’m Sarah and welcome to Blushing Rose Beauty! I am an 18 year old makeup lover living in Canada. I am currently finishing high school, as I had to stop attending for mental health reasons (I’ll do a blog post about that one day), but I would love to study makeup and aesthetics in collage. Makeup and beauty in general has been my passion since I first held a lipstick. Being the quite introverted girl I am, makeup and fashion is my way of self-expression.

I also have a huge interest for skin care. I think it can be very important especially when doing my makeup. I think everyone should be comfortable in their own skin and that’s what skincare is all about. Taking care of yourself.

As a person with an anxiety disorder, I take self-care more seriously than most. I think treating myself with care and love is a very important part of life, one that many people tend to skip.

My blog is centered around self-care in all its different shades. These are the things that make me happy and I’m hoping I can share a bit of that happiness with you. I hope that Blushing Rose Beauty can be a place of comfort and acceptance to all. So enjoy your visit on my little blog. I hope you like your stay.

Sarah. Xx