Hit or miss? St. Ives green tea cleanser and mineral firming face mask!


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Today I went to the drug store looking for activated charcoal ( I was finally about to hop on the charcoal mask trend). After 20 minutes of searching the isles, I built up the courage to ask if the store carried any. When the lady said no I realized that I had been browsing for almost 30 minutes for nothing, but I wasn’t going to let that time go to waste.

In the sales isle there were some skincare products I’ve been wanting to try for some time now. At a whooping total of 9$ I got the st. Ives green tea cleanser and the st. Ives mineral clay firming mask. Being the cheap person I am, I was very happy with my purchase.

As soon as I got home I cleaned my face with my new cleanser. My first impression for this product is that it feels really nice on the skin, especially since I’m a sucker for foaming cleansers (it just feels like a deeper clean, you know?). Personally, I love a good green tea product because it’s a key ingredient for glowing skin.

Next I exfoliated with a diy green tea exfoliant I made myself. Do you see the pattern yet?

I then applied the mineral clay firming mask which comes out as a green paste that you slather all over your face. I read the ingredients and the mask includes bentonite clay. Bentonite clay is a great clay for healing, and is a great ingredient for deep cleansing. I left the mask on for 10 minutes, then rinsed off the dried formula. My skin felt nice and cleansed.

I topped it off with my Thayer alcohol-free rose petal witch hazel toner (I know it’s a mouthful) which is an absolute must by the way. My skin felt amazing. I can’t wait to see the results after a few weeks of this routine.

My end result predicts that the st. Ives green tea cleanser and clay mask are a success! Would definitely recommend the cleanser for sensitive skin considering the formula is so light. The clay mud mask I would recommend for some heavy duty cleansing. I think it would be especially great for deep cleansing your pores.

So these products are definitely hits, I would purchase a second time!

Thank you for reading,

Sarah <3

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8 Replies to “Hit or miss? St. Ives green tea cleanser and mineral firming face mask!”

  1. These sound like great products. I’ve never tried St Ives before but I’ve heard people speak about the brand quite a lot xx

    1. Yeah I like them a lot, thank you for stopping by 🙂

  2. My sister uses St ives products and she really swears by them! I also need to hop onto the charcoal trend haha I just never have time for a skincare routine with my two jobs 🙁

    1. Yeah. I don’t know where to find activated charcoal though haha

  3. I really want to get some activated charcoal as well to make a peel off mask: I use those Biore charcoal nose strips but I want to do my whole face 🙈.. At least you didn’t leave the shop empty handed after all that searching! They look like good products 😄

  4. These both sound so good! I’m a sucker for anything with green tea x

  5. I really like the St Ives products, they seem to suit my skin, especially the cleansers, as they are quite gentle. Iv not tried any charcoal products, my skin can be alittle dry, but they do intrigue me!

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