Gosh Makeup Haul


Gosh Makeup Haul

The cruelty-free makeup hunt prolongs as I keep searching for the best products! A brand I’ve been buying from a lot lately has been gosh. They are a cruelty-free drugstore brand that, in my opinion, have Sephora level quality.

Since the Christmas sales are already starting, the Gosh makeup section was having a huge sale. I decided to pick up a few things, which I will now share.

I first picked up a Mascara considering I hadn’t found any affordable cruelty-free options yet. I picked up the Gosh Catchy Eyes Mascara in black. The packaging on this one really stood out to me because of the cute pink container. The price was originally 11.95$ and I got it for 6.00$, pretty good right?

Next I got a product that is new to me. An eyebrow pen, specifically, the Gosh Long Lasting Eyebrow Pen in wheat. I had never heard of this before and I was tired of using an angled paint brush to do my eyebrows! Instead of buying an expensive brush, I bought this eyebrow pen which I will have a review for on Wednesday.

The last thing I bought was a red lip lacquer in Dangerous Lips (I couldn’t find it on the website for some reason??). I had bought a pink one a while back and I really liked it, so I decided to pick one up in red. These are like lipglosses, but are pigmented like lipsticks! I won’t say too much because a review will be on the blog soon.

Those are the things I bought! Lots of reviews will be coming your way, so look out for those! Thank you for reading.

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  1. I havent tried anything from GOSH, but it looks like I need to have a look at them! Great selection of products, thanks for sharing x

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