Diy Silky Skin: My Routine


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Who doesn’t want baby smooth skin? In summer one of my essentials is for my skin to feel like silk, here’s how I achieve that:

Get into a warm shower and exfoliate your whole body.

Next shave with baby oil. Men’s razors tend to be soft on the skin and get a closer shave, so I’d recommend using one.

Once you’ve shaved exfoliate again! This will get rid of any dead skin that is left over.

I love using my calogon ageless bath: moisturizing body wash for silky skin. This stuff makes my skin look glowing and healthy thanks to its pearl powder.

Once you get out of the shower use niveas men aftershave balm on your legs. This will prevent any red bumps forming on your skin.

If you use fake tan I would recommend doing that now. First moisturize your knees, ankles and elbows (the hard spots) then do your tanning routine.

St. Tropez tan makes my skin extremely soft, but just moisturizing your legs will do.

To go the extra step, I like using a shimmering body oil to get that summer glow. And that’s it! That’s my routine for silky skin.

Tell me about how you accomplish silky skin in the comments and as always thank you for reading,

Sarah <3

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