Crystal of the Month: Amethyst 


I’ve decided that from now on, along with my Monthly Favourites I’m also going to do a ‘Crystal of the month’ post. For my first post in my Crystal of the Month series, I’m going to be talking about amethyst. An amazing stone for dealing with anxiety. Amethyst is the beautiful purple crystal that was one of the most desired throughout history. In fact, Dr John Dee, Queen Elizabeth’s personal scryer, used an amethyst crystal ball to predict magical matters. Enough about the history, let’s get to why you need this crystal in your life!

Amethyst is great for anxiety as it can help clear the mind especially when worn near the head, as it activates the crown chakra. It’s a wonderful cleansing crystal, especially mentally, having the ability to even prevent nightmares. I love this crystal for the spiritual balance and serenity it brings when I wear it or have it in my presence. Definitely a crystal of inner peace and balance. When life gets stressful and the struggles of everyday life get tough, amethyst is an amazing crystal for grounding yourself and clearing negative thoughts. A great way to use this crystal to your advantage is to meditate while placing an amethyst on your third eye or crown chakra, this is a way to step up the process of clearing the mind and negativity. Holding it in your palm works too. 

I am not claiming that anxiety can be cured completely with a rock, but it can help. If anxiety worsens or becomes unbearable your best bet is to see a doctor or physiologist about it. Also, being medicated is nothing to be ashamed of and shouldn’t be looked down upon. Everyone has their own battles, some happen to be in the mind. And that’s okay!

In the end I think amethyst is a helpful tool for dealing with stress and anxiety.

I know this post was different from what I usually do, but I want to show the more metaphysical, mystic side of me on this platform as well. Thank you for reading. 

Sarah. Xx