Being Productive: A Guide


Being productive isn’t easy. Those waves of motivation come and go and, if you’re like me, usually come in the middle of the night…not very convenient.

Here are a few of my tips for being and STAYING productive!

1. Make your bed every morning. This tip is so easy yet so hard to do. It sounds so useless, I mean, what’s the point if you’re just going to mess it up again at night? Well, studies show that 71% of bed-makers are happier than non bed-makers. Source: 

Making your bed keeps your room looking cleaner and more organized, which will most likely help you stay productive and focused.

2. Start scheduling your day. Getting or making a pretty planner might help motivate you to write your day or week down. Write the things you need to do and your goals. This will really help you stay on track.

3. Pinterest. Aren’t we all thankful for Pinterest! Make boards dedicated to organization, meal preparation, and goals you want to achieve. Personally, this is my most fun way to stay on top of everything. As long as you don’t get that dreaded “pin without doing” mentality you should be fine.

4. Make a vision board. Seeing your goals in one spot can be very motivating. Print or draw pictures of things you want to achieve. Quotes can also work for this purpose. Vision boards can be anything you like, from a bulletin board covered in pictures, to a small box with some  hand-written quotes.

5. Get rid of the things you don’t need. This tip saved my life. Duplicates are a great example of things you can get rid of. If you don’t need, wear, or use something you own, donate it! It will do someone else more good than it will to you.

6. Try to find what works for you. What works for one person might not work for you, so don’t be afraid to try other strategies. Some things will work horribly for you and that’s okay! If you fail at one thing, it just means you haven’t found a way that works for you yet. Keep trying! Something HAS to work eventually.

 I hope this has been helpful for those who need it.

 Thank you for reading,

 Sarah. Xx

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