Back to school Glow Up Challenge!


Summer is coming to an end which means the dreaded school year is starting. Honestly, I hated high school, but the thought of looking better than the previous year excited me. Even in the courses I’m taking now I love to look good. Here are some of my tips on how to glow up for the upcoming school year. 

If you have a uniform than accessorize! Make it your own by adding awesome shoes or a beautiful necklace. If you don’t have a uniform, then aren’t you lucky? Buy some amazing new articles of clothing that can be mixed and matched as you wish. The best type of clothes to get are the ones you can wear a hundred times and make look different each time. 

Do your hair. If you dye your hair re-dye it or do your roots. Maybe dye your hair another colour, but make sure you know you like it before hand! Get a haircut to trim the dead ends and maybe get a treatment done. If you don’t want to do it at a salon there are lots of store bought hair masks that work just as well.

Find a face mask that works really well for your skin and use it once a week until the school year starts. Also getting an established skincare routine will help you achieve your best skin. 

Get your nails done. This is always fun to do, but it’s extra fun when you have something coming up. Might as well treat school like a trendy event right?

Practice your makeup. First impressions can be important. If you want to look bangin’ on the first day, practice the makeup look you are going to do. 

Take care of yourself! This is obviously the most important. I’m making this post not for people to look down upon others or base things of of people’s looks. I’m making this post for the people who, like me, find serenity in self care. I always advocate to take care of yourself if that means putting on your favourite perfume or taking a bath with a bath bomb. I think the idea of being your best self to start the year can be a motivation. It all starts with how you treat yourself. 

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