Autumn Cozy Night In


To me, autumn is the cosiest season. The weather starts to chill, the air smells like decayed leaves (decayed never sounded so lovely), and the sweaters are out. I love this season to prepare myself for the harsh winter that follows shortly after. So cozy up, grab some tea (green tea is a MIRACLE in a cup!) and let’s get into this cozy night in. I always take my makeup off before going to bed. Preferably a couple hours before so that I don’t get too tired. I then cleanse and exfoliate before putting on this Lush Just To Clarify mask that goes perfectly with the whole ‘fall’ theme! I’ll be doing a review on this mask soon so keep an eye out for that. 

Next I run a bath and use my pumpkin bath bomb. This bomb smells exactly how they describe it on the website; spicy-sweet. 

I take this time to light a candle and put some crystals along the edge of the tub so that I can charge with them. 

After my bath I wash the mask off and complete my skincare routine. 

I then cozy up in bed with Felix to watch one of my favourite movies, which is coralline. Just to clarify (not the mask), this movie still scares me every time the other mother turns into her true form. It’s so creepy!

*On a side note, Felix is the best boy and you can fight me on this!*

So this post was kind of like a get unready with me, cozy edition. Tell me down in the comments what you do to unwind, I’d love to know!thank you for reading. 

Sarah. Xx


4 Replies to “Autumn Cozy Night In”

  1. Gotta love nice chilled autumn night with a bit of pamper session, my favorite way to spend evening. xx

    1. Definitely my favourite way too. Thank you for reading! Xx

  2. Oh I loved this, it made me feel all chilled out just reading it. I am massively into crystals, so love that you have them. I have a clear quartz wand near my bed, and an amethyst geode on my bedside. Im looking forward to reading about that masque too, sounds gorgeous

    1. Thank you! Mt favourite crystal is rose quartz at the moment. Thank you for reading. Xx

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