Autumn Bucket List


Hello loves! People complaining about the summer ending is like music to my ears because that means one thing. Autumn is almost here! Being the completely basic ‘uggs and coffee mugs’ kinda girl, the fall is obviously my favourite season. Everything about it is perfect and this year I want to do a couple of things in the short time before our dreaded Canadian winter comes. So without further ado here is my autumn bucket list:

  • Take a walk in the woods. This fall I’m definitely going to take advantage of the outdoors. My boyfriend and I love taking walks, so taking one in the woods with the beautiful fall colours is something I look forward to.
  • Decorate my room. This is the time of year where my bedroom turns into the Halloween isle at the dollar store. I love decoratin my room with fall wreaths, leaves, and other autumn things. 
  • Read a book. Sadly, I haven’t read a book in quite some time. I used to ‘eat books for breakfast’ as my mom would say, but gave up the passion after going through some hard times. I’m hoping I can pick a good book to read for those rainy days to get cozy on. After all, what’s fall if you don’t have a stay in cozy day, right?
  • Watch horror movies. Okay so this one is kind of a given considering the season, but I had to add it on the list. Halloween Town, Double Double Boil and Trouble, Twitches, The Addams Family, I could go on forever! I also have to watch some of my favourite horror-horror movies like insidious 2.
  • Go to the farm. Going to the farm about 40 minutes away from my house is one of my favourite things to do in autumn. The pumpkins and hay stacks are just so heart warming, you know?
  • HARRY POTTER MOVIE MARATHON. If you know me at all you know Harry Potter is my favourite franchise ever. The first one will always be my favourite because of the #feels I get while watching it.

Well that’s my bucket list (so far).
Thank you for reading,

Sarah. Xx

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