30 Healthy Habits to Change Your Life


1. Drink 3 litres of water everyday.

2. Exercise at least 3 times a week.

3. Have a ‘get your shit together’ day every week.

4. Drink green tea.

5. Eat before going to the grocery store. 

6. Wear sunscreen.

7. Take care of your skin. 

8. Have a savings jar that you don’t take from. 

9. Take your mental health seriously. 

10. Eat less meat and more vegetables. (Become vegetarian if you wish)

11. Brush your hair throughout the day. 

12. Stay away from negativity. 

13. Practice gratitude. 

14. Learn what is good for your skin type. 

15. Make a vision board. 

16. Wake up earlier everyday. 

17. Make a list of your accomplishments. 

18. Read a good book. 

19. Eat a healthy breakfast everyday. 

20. Go hiking in nature. 

21. Learn to quiet your mind. 

22. Stop comparing yourself to others. 

23. Tidy your space. 

24. Wear the clothes that make you happy. 

25. Learn breathing techniques. 

26. Learn how to diy (do it yourself) to save money. 

27. Avoid processed foods.

28. Start meal prepping. 

29. Visualize your goals. 

30. Move on. 

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